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About the MN Prostate Cancer Coalition (MNPCC)

During a man's lifetime, one in seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. An estimated 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer in the US will occur in 2019, the most frequently diagnosed cancer aside from skin cancer. An estimated 3 million US men are currently living with prostate cancer and an estimated that 26,120 US men will die from prostate cancer, the second leading cancer death behind lung cancer.  

Right here in MN it is estimated in 2019 we will have 2,930 new prostate cancer cases, 470 men will die of prostate cancer and currently have 50,000 men living with the prostate cancer. 

Given these staggering figures, the MN Prostate Cancer Coalition's mission is to enlighten, educate, support and advocate for men, and their caregivers, as they face the prospects of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.  MNPCC is a 501 (c) 3, tax exempt organization registered with the IRS and is certified with the Secretary of State in Minnesota. Members of our Board of Directors are survivors of prostate cancer ourselves or caregivers. As such, we are deeply committed to the accomplishment of the above-stated mission, offering our services to all, right here in Minnesota.


Prostate Cancer: Informed Decision Making for Primary Care Physicians and Informed Decision Making for Men 40 and Older

Developed by the California Prostate Cancer Coalition for National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions of which MN Prostate Cancer Coalition is a member of.

MNPCC Board Member Jon Sellers, working table at the GLOW Holiday Festival, 12/2022

Our Leader, Steve Roecklein, at the MNPCC table, GLOW Holiday Festival 12/2022!